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UFC Quick Quote: Carlos Condit will fear the takedown on July 2

Photo via <a href="">MMA Weekly</a>
Photo via MMA Weekly

"I am not gonna go overboard and force the takedowns. I think I am more well rounded than Condit, and if I mix it up I really think I will bother Condit. I already know what Condit's strategy is. He wants to sprawl and brawl most likely. I will take him down when he doesn't expect it. And the fear of the takedown will definitely mess up Condit's striking game. But I am also doing a lot of stand-up to get ready for Condit's stand up game. If my stand up game is tight the takedowns will come even easier."

Don't be scared, homie. Dong Hyun Kim looks to continue his welterweight ascension at UFC 132 on July 2 in Las Vegas when he faces Carlos Condit on the "Cruz vs. Faber 2" card over the fourth of July weekend. But will he see fireworks? Or fizzle out? "Stun Gun" tells that he plans on overcoming "The Natural Born Killer's" vaunted gameplanning under coach Greg Jackson with an unpredictable takedown pattern that will ultimately lead to Condit's "Sin City" demise. Will the Korean empty his clip on fight night? Or will this "Gun" be put on safety by the former WEC welterweight champion? Who's your pick and why?

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