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BAMMA 6 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Kong vs Ninja' in London on May 21

British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) will hold its latest event TODAY (May 21, 2011) from the Wembley Arena in Wembley, London, United Kingdom.

BAMMA 6: "Kong vs. Ninja" will air live on Syfy in the United Kingdom at 9 p.m. local time and international fans can catch all the action online at Bamma.TV. will bring you up-to-the-minute BAMMA 6 results and LIVE fight coverage, as well as provide a detailed recap of the festivities as soon as they conclude.

BAMMA 6 will feature the return of Tom "Kong" Watson as he faces Pride FC veteran Murilo "Ninja" Rua for the promotion's middleweight title, while Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg mixes it up with John Phillips.

Ivan Salaverry has also come out of retirement, replacing Phil Baroni to challenge Matt Ewin.

There's much more!

Check out complete BAMMA 6 results after the jump:


Main Event:

Tom Watson def. Murilo Rua via knockout in round three

Main card:

Frank Trigg def. John Phillips via TKO (doctor stoppage for cuts) in round 1
Matt Ewin def. Ivan Salaverry via unanimous decision

Preliminary card:

Leonardo Santos def. Jason Ball via unanimous decision
Che Mills def. Marcio Cesar via KO in round 1
Scott Jansen def. Craig Chesters via TKO in round 2
Catalin Zmarandescu def. Sharif Mohammed Ali via submission in round 1
Valentino Petrescu def. Joao Paulo de Souza via majority decision
Shane Omer def. Aaron Wilkinson via TKO
Sam Watling def. Leigh Cohoon via unanimous decision
Costas Doru and Jeremy Petley fought to a draw
Lee Taylor def. Kenny Moyston via TKO
Ryan White def. Fraser Opie via submission
Charles Scott vs. Murray Fullerton def. Charles Scott via submission


Tom Watson vs. Murilo Rua (185-pound limit)

Round one: Crowd is absolutely jacked for this one. Hero's welcome for Watson. He throws a few kicks and each one gets a big reaction from the live audience. Misses a head kick. Trading kicks now. Crowd starts chanting for "Kong." Rua gets aggressive but gets clipped and Watson storms. Can't finish him, though. Tom remains patient. "Ninja" is waving him in and taunting him. Which makes sense ... wait, no it doesn't. He's getting stomped. Rua eats another big right on the way in. Body kick lands for Watson. Wembley is going insane for Watson. "Ninja" lands a nice left hand and quiets the fans a bit. And another. Left hook, head kick from Watson. Exchange and Rua clinches up and presses him against the cage. He turns on the single leg and gets a takedown just as the round ends. Still goes to Tom. 10-9 Watson.

Round two: Watson lands a jab. Using a ton of movement. Rua comes in and gets tagged with a hard counter that stops him in his tracks. And another. Schiavello says "Ninja's" eye is swelling up but it's hard to tell. Heavy leg kick from Tom. Lands an uppercut. Clinch from Rua and he lands a nice uppercut. Watson still landing well with his kicks. Head kick blocked. Nice outside leg kick on a planted Rua and whoa, he lands a big head kick. Rua is wobbled. His legs are gone but the ref lets it continue. "Ninja" gets his wits back about him and he's still in there battling. Jeebus, that was close to ending. Watson still looking for that high kick. Watson stalking him and walking him down. Lands a few more leg kicks and rushes before the horn sounds, landing a nice shot or two. Dominate round for Tom. 10-9 Watson.

Round three: They show Rua's knee in between rounds and it's nasty. He comes out, though and he's still planting right on it, leaving it open. He rushes Watson and clinches up against the cage, working hard for the single leg takedown. Oh, Watson lands a big knee while "Ninja" continues doing his best to get the takedown. Another big knee and Rua finally lets go. Watson is just dominating this fight. Watson lands an inside kick on the bad knee. Looks like it's only a matter of time. Rua has his hands down. Big kick to the leg and Rua almost falls out once again. Big head kick and that's it. "Ninja" was out on his feet. "Kong" came in and landed a few more shots to put him down as the referee ran in to stop it. That was sick. Dominant performance from Watson.

Round four:
Round five:

Final result: Tom Watson def. Murilo Rua via knockout in round three


Frank Trigg vs. John Phillips (185-pound limit)

Round one: Cuba Gooding Jr. is in the crowd and they make sure to give him some airtime during Triggs introduction. Off we go. Faked inside kick from Trigg. Phillips stalks and Trigg shoots in. Knee and then an explosive takedown. Phillips works half guard, controlling the head and taking minimal damage. Trigg lands a few short elbows. Some more aggressive ground and pound and Phillips his bleeding over his eye. He's still cocky though, waving Frank in. Trigg stands up and throws the legs to the side, passing to side control. He's just brutalizing him now. Phillips face is covered in blood and the ref stops it to have the doctors come in and have a look. Phillips has three separate cuts and they call a stop to the fight. Solid performance from "Twinkle Toes."

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Frank Trigg def. John Phillips via TKO (doctor stoppage for cuts) in round 1


Ivan Salaverry vs. Matt Ewin (185-pound limit)

Round one: We're underway with Salaverry throwing an inside leg kick. Lazy. Not much action to start. Another low kick from Salaverry and Ewin lands a solid counter right hand that staggered Ivan a bit. Ewin looping with his punches a bit. The crowd boos at the inactivity. A whole lot of circling and inside kicks. Ewin looks for the overhand right. Oh, holy shit. Ewin catches a kick and blasts Salaverry. He doesn't follow him down, though, and the ref lets him back up. Commentator Michael Schiavello reminds us that Salaverry took this fight on three weeks notice after three years away from fighting. It's amazing he's still alive in there. Some exchanging and Salaverry catches a kick and gets a weak knockdown out of it but the round clearly belonged to his opponent. 10-9 Ewin.

Round two: They open up the same way they did in the first round. A lot of inside kicks from Salaverry while he circles to the left with Ewin looking to land an overhand. Nice little exchange that neither gets the better of. Ewin switches stances and throws a front kick. It really looks like Ewin could end this fight at any time if he pushed forward and got aggressive enough. He's staying patient, though. Can't blame him, what with Ivan being a tough vet and all. Crowd doesn't like how tentative both men look and shower them with boos. The boos do nothing to convince either man to get more aggressive. They remain cautious, throwing sparingly. Finally, some meaningful exchanges. Very close round, as very little actually happened. 10-9 Ewin.

Round three: Salaverry gets a kick caught early and gets knocked down. Ewin doesn't follow him down, though, and the ref lets Ivan back up. Front kick city from Ewin. Salaverry is down on the cards, he needs to make something happen. Just as I say that, he pushes him with a shot and clinches up. They push against the cage and Ewin picks him up and takes him down. Sitting in Ivan's half guard now. Ewin dishes out a little bit of punishment but Salaverry makes his way back to his feet. With two minutes to go, Ivan needs something big here but he's not acting like it, still throwing those lame inside leg kicks. They exchange punches and Ewin is clearly better here. With 20 seconds left, Ewin just cruises to the cards and it's not even close. 10-9 Ewin.

Final result: Matt Ewin def. Ivan Salaverry via unanimous decision


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