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BAMMA 6: Tom Watson and 'Ninja' Rua ready to put on a show in tonight's main event

Photo via Adam Crowther <a href=""></a>
Photo via Adam Crowther

Sneaking under the radar this weekend, United Kingdom-based promotion, BAMMA, will hold its sixth event at Wembly Arena in Wembly, London, England, tonight (May 21, 2011).

Several notable mixed martial arts (MMA) veterans are featured on an exciting main card, which showcases several of Britain's finest home-grown talent.

UFC veterans Frank Trigg and Ivan Salaverry are slated to square off against tough Brits John Phillips and Matt Ewin, respectively, while the main event of the evening is a middleweight title bout between current champion Tom Watson and Murilo Rua.

The fighters were recently available for a pre-event press conference, offering their opinions on tonight's show ... and each other.

Follow after the jump to check out what was said:

Champion Tom Watson, who trains out of Greg Jackson's gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico, commented on the recent growth of MMA in the United Kingdon and how it will affect the nation's rising stock of fighters in the future:

"It's great to see that the UK is catching up with the rest of the world. We're getting our own shows over here at Wembley. We've got television and even Facebook. It's worldwide coverage. BAMMA and making the right moves and I'm just pleased to be a part of it. Hopefully, on Saturday the fans will get a great show."

The UK transplant also discussed what it feels like to have the target on his back now:

"Obviously, a lot of people want to fight for a title, and I'm the champion. That's the position I'm in at the moment and I don't plan on losing, so bring them on."

His opponent, Murilo "Ninja" Rua, is former UFC champion Mauricio Rua's older brother.

"Ninja" has had a very exciting career himself, competing around the world in promotions ranging from Pride FC to Elite XC and even Strikeforce.

He commented on what it's like to face a Jackson-trained fighter, knowing that another Jackson fighter, Jon Jones, recently defeated his brother for the UFC title:

"I think that Greg Jackson has a good camp, and they probably do have some tricks up their sleeve. I like challenges, that's what moves me. I had a great training camp and I'm ready for whatever situation that may come. I promise a good show for everyone."

Welsh fighter, John Phillips, is entering his match with UFC veteran Frank Trigg on a five-fight win streak with every victory ending in first round knockout inside 95 seconds.

He's sincerely hoping Trigg chooses to stand and trade with him:

"I hope he does strike with me because it's going to end up being a really quick night."

Lastly, Ivan Salaverry and his opponent Matt Ewin, both having been away from the sport for about three full years, commented on what it'll be like to return after such a long break and in such a large arena in front of some of the most passionate MMA fans in the world.

From Salaverry:

"It feels great to be fighting here for the UK audience. Obviously being around talented athletes as these guys here is great. I can't believe I'm fighting in Wembley Arena. It's incredible. I'm really anticipating a great grappling match if anything. I've heard so match about his skills, and see him. I can't wait to roll"

And Ewin:

Ewin: "Of course I'm nervous. I'm fighting Ivan Salverry. You get nervous with every fight, but as soon as the bell goes, everything leaves and that'll be it."

One thing's for certain today, BAMMA events feature a very high rate of finishes, so expect tons of submissions and knockouts on Saturday night.

The fans in Wembly Arena likely won't be going home disappointed.

Remember that will provide complete BAMMA 6 results right here.

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