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Pride never die: Rampage Jackson just wants to give fans what they paid for -- exciting fights

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Still longing for the days of Pride? Then tune in to UFC 130 on May 28 on pay-per-view (PPV) to watch one of the old school boys, Quinton Jackson, bring it back in style against Matt Hamill in Las Vegas. 

That's because, to this day, more than three years after its demise, he still carries the old mentality of the Japanese promotion: doesn't matter if you win or lose just as long as you have an exciting fight.

That wouldn't have been a problem with his first opponent for the Memorial Day weekend in Thiago Silva. The Brazilian banger approaches fights the exact same way -- stand and trade until someone falls out.

However, his failing a drug test meant a new opponent for Jackson and that came in the form of Hamill, a standout wrestler known for winning over all else.

Not exactly a desirable setup for an all out war.

Doesn't matter to "Rampage," though, he'll be bringing it either way, always looking for that trademark knockout.

"So, Hamill has stood and traded with some guys in his career, but I am sure he knows it is bad for his health if he does that next week! For real," Jackson wrote in his recent blog post at Yahoo! Sports. "I've trained for all areas - but I just want it to be exciting. I think he will try and take me down and I'm ready for him to avoid striking with me at all costs. I'm under no pressure to get a knockout, but I always try for the knockout. I have kept that mentality from PRIDE, where it was more important to have a great fight than win or lose. I would never criticize any fighter but at the end of the day, this is entertainment, and I want to give the fans what they paying their money for. This is the career I chose - fighting - and so let's fight."

Some might argue that the Jackson who fought in Pride was a much more cerebral fighter, one who used his wrestling when called for, which presented more of a challenge to his opponents.

That all went out the window when he greatly improved his boxing skills under the tutelage of Juanito Ibarra.

If there's ever a time he'll need to dig deep and get back to his grappling roots, however, it's in this match-up against Hamill, a collegiate champion wrestler.

That's not to discount "The Hammer's" stand-up abilities; go ask Mark Munoz what it's like to get caught flush by a Hamill head kick.

Still, his best chance at victory is unquestionably on the floor. Can he take it there? Maybe, maybe not.

If "Rampage" is to be believed, he better.

What's the consensus feeling on this one, Maniacs? Exciting knockout or dull decision?

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