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UFC Quick Quote: Kenny Florian's injury was a 'blessing in disguise'

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"Everything's going pretty smoothly. I expect it to be tougher than it was at 155 but I don't expect there to be any major problems. ... The injury was actually a blessing in disguise. The only thing I was really able to do was upper body strength and conditioning and really it was an opportunity for me to just get stronger with everything. So I'm actually much stronger than I was at 155 now going to 145. At this point, my workouts have still been strong and I still feel very good."

-- UFC featherweight contender Kenny Florian caught up with Head Kick Legend recently to discuss his cut down to the 145-pound division to take on Diego Nunes at the upcoming UFC 131: "Dos Santos vs. Carwin" event on June 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. According to "KenFlo," the injury that forced him out of a planned bout against Evan Dunham back in Jan. was a blessing in disguise in that it allowed him to both work on building strength while also preparing to cut the extra 10 pounds of weight. UFC President Dana White has already stated Florian is maybe one or two fights away from a title shot, which could mean that fight with Jose Aldo he's been longing for. Anyone think a drop in weight class will finally reveal better results for the Bostonian? Or is he doomed to play second fiddle to the elite, no matter how low he goes? Opinions, please.

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