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UFC Quick Quote: Frank Mir poses the biggest threat to Cain Velasquez

"Right now in the UFC I believe I would give him the best fight right now and that’s not taking anything away from him as I feel he is the best fighter in the world right now. I would really be hard-pressed to defeat him, the only reason I pose a bigger threat than some of the other guys is because we really don’t know how well he defends submissions. I think it would take someone who could keep him down for awhile and test how he fights off of his back. Obviously his wrestling is extraordinary as evidenced in his fight against Brock, but who knows how well he would do if he were put in a dangerous spot with a good submission artist. His striking is good, but he does throw short punches which got him in trouble with Cheick Kongo, but unfortunately for Kongo he could not stay on his feet. I think Carwin would be a good match-up for him as well. He punches hard enough to keep his opponents honest and is difficult to put down. Carwin would probably have a good chance at stuffing Cain’s shot, but we really don’t know how well Carwin fights off his back either."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir believes he can give division kingpin Cain Velasquez "the best fight right now" as he heads into UFC 130 on May 28 to try and prove he still belongs in the upper echelon of Zuffa heavyweights. The best argument he can make is stopping Roy Nelson a week from Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but does whooping "Big Country" get him a shot at the belt? Or the loser of Shane Carwin vs. Junior dos Santos? And do you agree with his assessment of Velasquez? Mir tells Bryan Levick that Cain has yet to demonstrate how well he "fights off his back" -- but who amongst the 265-pounders is good enough to keep him there?

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