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Cesar Gracie: Georges St. Pierre is not a Greg Jackson fighter ...


... and he's not happy that Renzo Gracie is getting no credit here, even though he's the one that put the time in.

In fact, he even goes so far as to say Greg Jackson is just the mouthpiece photo-op guy.

Cesar tells that he believes GSP should be carrying Renzo's flag, not Greg Jackson's.

"GSP didn't even go to Albuquerque to train, you know? Greg Jackson flies up there to give a photo-op for the Primetime show and he's in his corner sitting there talking about silly stuff. I get mad because I don't think Renzo gets the credit. That's my problem."

The head trainer of Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez also discusses the recent "controversy" about Renzo training GSP to fight his fighter. Cesar and Renzo are first cousins on the Carlos Gracie side of the famous Brazilian jiu-jitsu family, both grandsons of the original Gracie.

The media was buzzing about some potential Gracie infighting when Cesar told Sherdog that Renzo shouldn't be training St. Pierre but Cesar tells us that simply isn't the case.

"It's not a ‘Me vs Renzo' kind of thing. We spoke the day before the fight. He was hopping on a plane to go to Brazil and he called me up. My thing is, if you're gonna train someone, they have to carry your flag. If this guy would have come in there and been a Renzo Gracie representative, we would have no problem with that."

"We wouldn't want to obviously have my guys fighting his guys but for a championship fight, it's going to happen. Let's face it, both guys want to be the champ and at the end of the day, let ‘em fight. That's how I look at it. But it doesn't make sense to me for all these guys to train GSP when GSP is Greg Jackson rep even though he's not at Greg Jackson's. He's only at Renzo's and Roger's in London. He's got all these guys coming in to train GSP because they're friends with him, all these Gracie guys from the east coast."

"My whole point was to say to Renzo, ‘Have a talk with him (GSP) and have him be one of your guys' because I think GSP would jump over, I really do.' If the roles were reversed I would have said ‘GSP, look. You want to train with us, you carry our flag into battle. That's it. The public needs to know that we're the guys that are training you, not Greg Jackson who isn't training you.'"

That was my whole point about it. A lot of people have misconceptions that I was saying, ‘Oh, you shouldn't train him because he's fighting our guy.' That wasn't my point at all. You shouldn't train him because he's not representing you.'

The top trainer also clarified that he would have no issue whatsoever if say, Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez were to square off with Renzo student and UFC Champion Frankie Edgar.

"I'll give you an example. What if Frankie Edgar has to fight my guy, Gilbert Melendez? Am I going to tell Renzo not to train those guys? Am I going to tell Almeida not to train them? It's not gonna happen. Those guys are gonna train him and my guy's gonna fight him and it's not a fight that I like to see, our two guys fighting, but it's a fight that's for the title and it's gotta happen. I've got no problem with that fight because Frankie Edgar represents those guys over there. That's his team and Frankie's a great guy and I'm gonna train my guy to win that fight."

"Edgar vs. Melendez" would certainly be a barn-burner but "The Answer" would likely have to get through Gray Maynard and Anthony Pettis first (if Pettis defeats Clay Guida).

For the complete audio of Cesar Gracie's interview, click here.

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