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UFC Quick Quote: Shane Carwin is an easier opponent than Brock Lesnar

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"I think the change is good and will help us in Cigano’s training. He was very much focused into boxing and a little without wrestling. The fight will be easier for him for sure."

Sounds like Junior dos Santos has Shane Carwin right in his wheelhouse after "The Engineer" replaced the ailing Brock Lesnar in the UFC 131 main event on June 11 in Vancouver. That's according to "Cigano's" friend and mentor, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, who also reveals to Fighter's Only that Dos Santos was placing a heavy emphasis on his boxing despite Lesnar's wrestling advantage. The Brazilian may find that standing and trading with Carwin is indeed "easy," as in how "easy" it is to fall asleep when the persnickety power-puncher caps off one of his trademarked bombs. Or will the NCAA Division II wrestling champion pull an Anthony Johnson and bewilder the gentle giant with constant takedowns and ground and pound? How do you see this one playing out? And do you agree with "Minotauro's" assessment?

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