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Rashad Evans explains his nightclub altercation with Jon Jones; insists 'Bones' ducked him

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Rashad Evans is at it again.

The season two winner of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) discussed his beef with Jon Jones in his last appearance on Pro MMA Radio, but so much more has happened since. It's almost turning into something you'd find in a daytime soap opera.

First, Jon Jones announces he's injured and can't fight Rashad, then Rashad signs up to fight top prospect Phil Davis. The big bombshell was this week when Rashad announced that Jones wasn't going to have surgery but he still wasn't going to fight Rashad immediately for the title. MMAmania's own Geno Mrosko caught up with Jon Jones' manager yesterday to get his full side of the story.

You'd almost expect Jones to slip into a coma and come down with a bad case of amnesia in the next installment. 

Rashad returned to Pro MMA Radio last night to discuss the latest issues with Jones and what it felt like to have a title shot postponed yet again.

"I was very very disappointed because I was thinking once again I wasn't gonna get a chance at the belt. I was optimistic about this and I decided this is a great opportunity to challenge myself and see if I'm actually at that level still, if I really was the number one contender. Looking at the bright side of things. I always thought it was funny in that he didn't need to have the surgery, it was a problem he's had his whole career. I honestly can't worry about that right now. I have to worry about my next opponent, Phil Davis."

Rashad immediately had his doubts about the injury situation when it first came up.

"I questioned it internally but what I didn't want to do was go out there and say 'Oh, he's scared of me!' because any time I say something it always gets picked up and it messes with my legitimacy. I don't want to say too much because people always get worked up about it. I didn't say anything about it because I can't win. No matter what I say, 'nah nah, Rashad's wrong, he's lying! He's a baby!'"

The former champion relayed how exactly he was one of the first to find out about Jones not going through with the surgery. This also set the stage for why he believes Jones isn't telling the whole truth about the situation.

"I kinda overheard a conversation. I was talking to Jon and he said in a way that he wasn't having the surgery and I was like 'wow!' He said something to me and it matched up with what I overheard and I was like 'so he's not gonna have surgery?' Pretty much he pulled out of a fight without even needing to have surgery and for me, knowing how the UFC operates, it's usually first, second, third opinions. You don't just get one opinion and that's that. If you say you have an injury, you go see your doctor and then you talk to the UFC about it and go see their doctor and go from there. I've never heard of a fighter pulling out of a fight on such a one-sided basis. Usually the UFC will be like 'ok, come and see our doctors and see if you need surgery.' Something stinks about this. It don't sound right."

That's not all.

There was some talk about a scuffle between Evans and Jones in a Las Vegas night club during the week of the fighter summit. Host Larry Pepe induced 'Suga' to spill all the dirty details of the situation.

"I saw Jon this past week at the fighter summit and we were at the same location. He pulled me to the side and he said 'Rashad, I need to talk to you, I think things are getting out of control.' I thought it was pretty mature for the young guy instead of just ignoring me. First thing he said was 'I just wanna be the first to tell you is I'm gonna destroy you, I'm gonna annihilate you and I'm gonna show the world you're overrated. I'm gonna punish you and you'll be my first highlight reel knockout' and I just started laughing.

You brought me out here to tell me you're gonna destroy me? Let's not even talk about how stupid that sounds. Why would you wanna come way over here to say that in private. Furthermore, how did you even come up with that? He's like 'Rashad, remember when I was catching you with knees and elbows in training' but I said 'I was simulating Bader. I wasn't trying to beat you, Jon. I was simulating Bader and what he might do' I told him, 'do you remember when I held you down and I was slapping you and punching you in the face and you were underneath me and you couldn't move and then you looked me in the eye and said 'Ok, can we get up now?' and I said 'No Jon, if you quit now, you'll quit in the fight. You gotta earn your way up,'' so we fought some more and you couldn't move some more and you said 'can you help me?' and I said 'No, you have to earn your way up' and we go for a little bit longer and you still can't get up so you roll on your back to let me choke you out thinking I'd let you up and be satisfied with that but I didn't. I continued to make you work up.' I said 'do you remember that?' and he said "yeah, I remember that' and I said 'that's why you don't want to fight me' and he was just lost for words for a second and he told me, 'Rashad, you just motivating me. You don't know what you started' and it just went like that and it just ended when a couple people from our parties separated the two of us. He couldn't let it go."

Rashad continued his scathing assault on the young champion's character, even saying he believes his ego has completely gone out of control.

"They know what time it is. As confident as Jon tries to come off, spitting how he's this and he's that, how he's the fighter of the future. Honestly, I've never seen someone buy into their own hype as much as he did. He really, honestly thinks that he's like the second coming of Jesus Christ. He believes that he's all of that. He just keeps coming and saying 'I'm gonna show the world. I'm gonna show the world. I'm gonna show the world!' and it's kinda sad."

Even though Jones is back and will be able to fight in the near future, Rashad doesn't want to back out of the Phil Davis fight. He's been away from the game for over a year and he feels he needs to test his mettle against some of the best in the division to prove to himself that he's still worthy of being a champion.

"When I made up my mind to fight Phil Davis, I said to myself that I'm gonna go in there and get some fights together, put some wins together. I can't allow this stuff to be in the forefront of my mind. I've already wasted too much time already chasing the belt. I'm a big believer in fate and destiny and if it is meant to be for me to fight for the belt, then it'll happen. It seems to me right now, it's an elusive title to get a hold of. So the priority for me right now will be at UFC 133 in Philadelphia against Phil Davis."

The former champ got the last word in, fully admitting that he believes Jon Jones is avoiding a fight with him.

"There's no doubt in my mind Jon ducked me in this fight. Jon knows it and I know it. There's really know way around it. It's hard for me to imagine with Jon thinking he's so great and that he thinks he can beat me but it's just odd. When you don't take a fight with somebody for one reason or another, that's one thing, but to make up an injury, say you have an injury and you go as far as to say you'll have surgery and then you don't have it. That's clearly a sign that you don't want to fight somebody."

That's a strong accusation. 

What do you think Maniacs? Does Rashad have a point? Or are you just getting tired of this whole situation?

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