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Tito Ortiz helps murder-for-hire suspect post $500,000 bond

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I'll say one thing about Tito Ortiz, he certainly knows how to show his gratitude.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion helped an "indigent" Keith Harriman post his $500,000 bond required to secure his release from Nevada's Clark County Detention Center.

Harriman is charged with 12 felony counts in a plot to have his son Dominick killed.

Sounds like a swell guy. So why is "The Huntington Beach Bondsman" coughing up the cash to keep him out of the slammer? Well, turns out Harriman's brother Wayne was one of the key figures in reconciling Oritz and UFC President Dana White, which eventually led to a new Zuffa contract and another shot inside the Octagon.

More of the gory details can be found in The Las Vegas Review Journal.

Harriman is accused of hiring a hitman to have his son whacked in a convoluted conspiracy that includes used cars, insurance fraud and a sordid love triangle. Dominick Harriman survived multiple gunshot wounds to stand trial and finger his father as the mastermind behind the hit.

He must have spent all his money on the shooter, who has yet to be identified, if his brother is making phone calls to his wealthy friends in the UFC.

Ortiz (15-8-1), who hasn't won a fight in nearly five years, recently ditched Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC Fight Night 26 in Seattle thanks to a "minor concussion" that compelled him to withdraw from the March 26 event.

His last appearance was a lopsided unanimous decision loss to former TUF student Matt Hamill at UFC 121: "Lesnar vs. Velasquez" back in October 2010.

Will his next appearance, against Ryan Bader at UFC 132 on July 2, be his last inside the Octagon? Either way, you can be sure the Harriman's will be cheering him on. They may need another loan if this thing makes it to appeals.