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Kenny Florian is fighting at featherweight for Jose Aldo ... but he's not done at lightweight

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Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Time is rapidly running out for Kenny Florian,34, to become the champion he always felt like he could be dating back to season one of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). After a couple failed attempts at 155-pounds, the decision was made to drop down to featherweight to chase that division title.

But that's not totally what prompted the decision. From Florian (via MMAWeekly):

"It all started when I was offered a fight with Jose Aldo at 155 pounds, and when that opportunity arose, I just started thinking Jose won't go up to 155, could I be able to make it at 145? Anyone can make 45, but the question of getting there and being able to perform well (was there) and (my coaches) felt that I would be able to do that. It was also a factor at 55. A lot of the guys that I wanted to fight, didn't want to fight, and didn't want to take the fight. I'm at the point in my career where I wanted to face the best, and when that wasn't happening, I said let's try 45."

Watch your back Jose Aldo, "KenFlo" is coming for you.

Of course, the Bostonian will have to get past Diego Nunes at the upcoming UFC 131: "Dos Santos vs. Carwin" event on June 11 in Vancouver.

A win in that bout will put him right at the top of the ladder and might even earn him the fight against "Scarface" he so badly wanted at lightweight. But that doesn't mean he's finished at 155-pounds.

"For me, going down to 145, I see it as a new challenge in my career. I see it as an opportunity to face one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world in Jose Aldo, hopefully, down the line. That's really what I see it as. Going down to 45 as a new challenge, and I expect to be at 155 (again) soon. (I'm not done at 155-pounds), no, not at all."

Since losing his number one contender fight to Gray Maynard at UFC 118 nearly a full year ago, a whole lot of changing has gone down in the 155-pound weight class.

His one-time nemesis, B.J. Penn, has since jumped back up to welterweight, Frankie Edgar is the defending champ, the WEC merged with UFC to create a ton of new interesting match-ups and potential contenders and Jim Miller has been running roughshod over the entire division.

Kenny who?

If he does eventually return to his old stomping grounds, he'll do so with an entirely new landscape awaiting him. That could be exactly what he needs to make the splash he hopes to make at 145-pounds.

Stay tuned.

All that said, does anyone expect Florian to take over the featherweight division and make it his own? Or will he find it more difficult than it looks?

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