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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Hughes thinks Georges St. Pierre fights 'not to lose'

"As for the GSP/Shields fight, I really believed GSP was going to tear Shields up. The fight didn’t go like I thought it would at all. Let me tell everybody now, I like GSP, he’s a good guy and he’s somebody I wouldn’t mind sitting next to on a plane ride or at a supper table. So don’t think that I’m talking out of bitterness for the two losses, I’m speaking through experienced eyes that have been in these situations. GSP actually looked worse in this fight than I’ve ever seen him before. I really feel like Georges fights not to lose, he just doesn’t fight to win anymore. I like Georges, I like watching him fight, I wish there was some way I could help him to get that hunger back inside of him. Georges has the potential of being so much better than what we’ve seen recently. If Jake had won one more round he would have won the fight, based on how the judges scored it. So an interesting fight and a little disappointing at being the last fight of the night."

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes, who's been on the receiving end of some Canadian punishment in past fights, shares his insight on UFC 129: "St. Pierre vs. Shields" via his official blog. Reigning division champion, Georges St. Pierre, came under fire for his performance back on April 30 despite getting a second round eye poke that robbed him of his vision. Hughes believes GSP is in no "Rush" to finish fights and just wants to keep himself in the win column to enjoy the perks that come with being champion. Anyone out there in MMA land siding with Hughes? Or is "Country Breakfast" just picking on his former foe? What side are you on in this debate?

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