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UFC Quick Quote: Don't give Lyoto Machida a direct target

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"Without sounding too self-involved ... I think I could have been a little bit of a difference. In the first round, Randy was working on the game plan that we had. He was executing it 100 percent. In the second round, he made the mistake of standing in front of [Machida]. The whole plan was not to give Lyoto a direct target. Randy is a tremendous athlete and he is extremely coachable. That being said, I think a little reminder of the game plan during that break would have kept him concentrated and moving in the direction that we wanted. I think it would have been a huge difference in the fight."

Boxing coach Gil Martinez, who was unable to corner Randy Couture at UFC 129 in Toronto because of visa issues, tells Franklin McNeil that he might have been in a position to help "The Natural" keep all his teeth after his co-main event against Lyoto Machida back on April 30. "The Dragon" landed a fight-ending front kick in the second round that caught Couture flat-footed and in the line of fire. Would a couple of helpful suggestions in between rounds made a difference? Or was the hall-of-famer doomed from the get-go? Opinions, please.

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