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Nick Diaz problems with UFC stem from refusal to go on 'Blind Date' reality show?

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Rewind back to around 2006 when UFC was exploding in popularity and finding new and interesting ways to expose its product to more and more fans.

One of the ways in which they did so was to have multiple fighters appear on the popular dating reality television show, "Blind Date." Pete Spratt, Tiki Ghosn and even big Tim Sylvia all made appearances.

As it turns out, the UFC also wanted Nick Diaz to display his courtship abilities. That's if you believe Urijah Faber, who spilled the beans to Steve Cofield:

"Nick Diaz is good for business when he fights but is known for skipping out on some of the (public relations) stuff and being a difficult guy when it comes to promoting things sometimes. I remember Diaz telling me years ago about how they punished him for not going on that dating show they were having a couple of fighters go on. Nick had a girlfriend at the time and they wanted him to go on there for publicity and he wouldn't do it."

Nick Diaz on "Blind Date?" Homie don't play that.

Faber goes on to say the Stockton hell-raiser was demoted to the undercard because of his refusal to partake. Maybe this is what Dana White is referring to when he says Diaz needs to learn to "play the game."

But don't hate the player.

The show did feature the previously mentioned Spratt, Ghosn and, most notably, Sylvia, who was the heavyweight champion throughout 2006.

The hilariously awkward videos after the jump.

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