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Ben Askren calls Anthony Johnson a cowardly immature idiot, 'Rumble' calls 'Funky' some bushy headed kid

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Well, this got ugly in a hurry.

In a recent interview with, Bellator welterweight standout wrestler Ben Askren called out a few overgrown 170-pounders for their continued inability to make weight, namely Thiago Alves and Anthony Johnson.

Here's what the "Funky" one had to say ... and it's not pretty:

"They're just cowards. They should bump up a weight class. What are you scared of fighting guys bigger than you? If you really, truly can't make, say 170, you're gonna be fairly good sized for 185. I mean I walk around anywhere between 183 and 187. And 170, I can make it and it's not that difficult. So yeah, those guys are idiots. I think it's immature and cowardly."

Strong words from the current Bellator welterweight champion.

The issue with those men was brought up when Askren made note of the fact that he would love to make his way to the UFC so he can test himself against the best fighters in the world.

Anthony Johnson would love to welcome him with open arms ... and a kick to the face.

"I'll kick Ben in his mouth quick before he ever try and say something like that in my face," Johnson told KNOXXgear. "I ain't got nothing against the dude, I don't even know him. I just know he's some bushy-headed kid. ... I got respect for the guy because we got that history with wrestling ... but as far as his MMA career, I don't know anything about it. I don't know who all he's fought. I think, will he be good? Yeah, I think he'll be good. Most wrestlers are successful at MMA. More power to him; if that's what he needs to say to get some attention then let him do it. I don't know, who he fight for? Bellator, you said? Okay. That's why."

Equally strong, albeit slightly passive aggressive, words from the UFC welterweight contender.

Both Johnson and Askren have strong wrestling backgrounds with the former achieving a national championship in 2004 at Lassen College and the latter winning his at Missouri in 2006 and 2007.

That shared bond means Johnson has a certain amount of respect for his grappling counterpart ... but that doesn't mean he's not down for a "Rumble" if Askren ever makes his way to the UFC.

Anyone want to see these two hit the Octagon mat and settle their differences?

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