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Report: Maiquel Falcao cut by the UFC due to legal troubles

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That Maiquel Falcao vs. Tom Lawlor fight that was recently booked for UFC 134: "Rio" on Aug. 27? Yeah, that's not going to happen.

That's because Falcao has been abruptly released by the promotion. This according to his manager, Marcelo Brigadeiro, who sent a letter to

"We've received an e-mail from Joe Silva yesterday saying that the UFC decided to end Maiquel Falcão's contract. They decided to do that because of some legal problems Maiquel got involved recently. ... I'm already in talks with other national and international promotions and you will soon watch Maiquel in action again."

The legal issues Brigadeiro is referring to revolve around a recent arrest stemming from an assault charge of a woman outside a nightclub all the way back in 2002.

Details of Falcao's legal woes were shaky at best, but it appears his hang-ups were enough to cause the UFC to part ways with the talented but troubled Brazilian knockout artist.

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