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Strikeforce announcer Gus Johnson signs with Fox but is still with Showtime ...

Photo by Zak Woods via <a href="" target="new"></a>
Photo by Zak Woods via

... which means he will likely remain the Strikeforce play-by-play announcer, at least for the near future.

Gus Johnson, the lead announcer for Strikeforce telecasts on Showtime, was recently unable to come to terms on a new contract agreement with CBS Sports and was subsequently scooped up by Fox.

But that doesn't mean he's done with MMA, as was initially thought.

That's because his contract with CBS was entirely separate from his contract with Showtime, where he calls both MMA and boxing fights. According to, that contract is still in full effect and the excitable announcer will be back in the booth for the upcoming Andre Ward vs. Arthur Abraham fight this weekend.

The next Strikeforce event to take place on Showtime is the "Overeem vs. Werdum" event, set for June 18 in Dallas, Texas. While no broadcast team has officially been announced, it is expected that Johnson will be the lead man calling the action.

Johnson, more or less a legend in basketball and football circles, isn't exactly a revered figure in MMA, due largely to his less than desirable description of the Strikeforce: "Nashville" brawl involving the Diaz brothers and Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

When the melee erupted, good ol' Gus could be heard saying, on national television mind you, that "these things happen in MMA," while soccer kicks and foot stomps were bandied about. 

He's improved in the meantime but his standing among fight fans has not. He'll get the chance to redeem himself, though; anyone think he can do so?

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