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Vote for Pedro: San Francisco BJJ instructor uses jits to help fight crime

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And to think Dirty Harry wasted all that time patrolling the streets of San Francisco with his .44 Magnum when all he needed was a purple belt in jiu-jitsu.

Pedro Arrigoni, instructor at AB Mixed Martial Arts Academy on San Bruno Ave., helped local police subdue a suspect who decided to test his stand-up against the boys in blue. Unfortunately for the attacker, he picked the wrong spot to throw hands.

Arrigoni breaks it down for MMA Die Hards:

"I was finished with (teaching) the class. I saw a struggle going on outside and this young male was punching a cop. They were wrestling on the floor. I got behind him, I controlled him. I got him in a neck choke, made him let go and controlled the situation. I have a friend that trains with me, he is a cop and he works in the area. When I saw the cop getting hit, the first thing that came to my mind (was) that it could be my friend, so I went outside to check it out. He was resisting, I got his neck and started to put pressure on it. When he realized he was passing out, I was (yelling) ‘Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!' When there was no resistance, I switched control to his wrists and his neck until the cop had time to get up and put his hand cuffs on him."

While he may not make The Tonight Show with Jay Leno like UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones did for his crime-fighting crusade against the streets of Paterson, NJ, Arrigoni has at least achieved star status among local law enforcement.

Video of the altercation after the jump.

Anyone think Arrigoni overstepped his bounds? Or should more citizens with the ability to help get off their keister and actually do so?

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