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UFC Quick Quote: Urijah Faber is cutting too much weight and will lose to Dominick Cruz

"I think Urijah has the tools to win. I think Cruz is a more technical fighter. I've trained with Eddie Wineland a long time and when Urijah fought Eddie [at UFC 128], I just think Urijah's cutting too much weight. I don't think he's as strong as he used to be and I think Cruz has more skills than he has at 135. And he's more battle proven. When he fought Benevidez he went all five rounds and looked great, looked fresh in all five rounds. Urijah looked a little sluggish in the second and third rounds against Eddie. I think Cruz can pull this one off."

-- Former bantamweight king Miguel Torres tells Examiner Urijah Faber is cutting too much weight in his quest for another title. Angel believes Dominick Cruz, the current 135-pound champion, will defeat "The California Kid" at UFC 132 on July 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada because he's a more technical, battle proven fighter. However, he also believes Faber, a one time ruler of the 145-pound weight class, is losing his strength as he cuts the extra ten pounds to get down to the bantamweight division. Cruz, well known for his uniquely speedy style, is surely paying attention and this is no doubt music to his ears. But is it reliable information? Can "The Dominator" truly look forward to a sluggish and gaunt challenger, despite Faber's success in the division thus far? Sound off!

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