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UFC 129 results: Georges St. Pierre wins five round decision over Jake Shields


Georges St. Pierre is still the UFC welterweight champion of the world.

That's because he went into the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at UFC 129 and took care of business against Jake Shields.

It wasn't pretty. It's wasn't flashy and there was no finish ... again.

But, once again, St. Pierre went 25 minutes with one of the best 170-pound fighters out there and came away with the unanimous decision win.

It came at a price, though. By the time it was over, the champion was bloody and unable to see out of his left eye.

He persevered through those obstacles, however, and cruised to a win in a fight it never looked like he was in any real danger of losing.

The hype heading into the bout centered solely around whether or not St. Pierre could handle the jiu-jitsu chops of Shields, one of the most decorated grapplers in the game.

It turns out, he didn't have to, as the fight was contested almost entirely on the feet.

Both fighters looked tentative, neither wanting to make the fatal mistake that would cost them the bout. That attitude may have lead to losing a few fans, though, as the Rogers Centre showered them with boos as the fight came to a close.

Even the loyal Canadians booed a fight involving GSP.

Despite the unimpressive nature of the victory, there is clearly no challenger left at 170-pounds for St. Pierre.

Time to move up to middleweight? Possibly.

But this performance certainly didn't inspire confidence in a potential superfight against Anderson Silva.

What do you think?

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