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Fedor Emelianenko vs Dan Henderson in the works?


It  just may be.

Following two decisive losses for Fedor Emelianenko at heavyweight, fans and pundits alike immediately speculated on his next career move. What's a man to do who has dominated the landscape of MMA but fallen on hard times as of late?

You guessed it -- drop a weight class.

In "The Last Emperor's" case, that might just mean a fight against current Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Henderson. Scott Coker dropped a hint in a recent interview with Studio MMA:

"We're going to have some great fights this year, I mean look at our tournament -- June 18th. You know, we're going to have the heavyweights that are going to be back on June 18 in Dallas and then we're going to go into another superfight, which we can't announce yet. ... We've got some big events coming up"

Emphasis mine. You might be thinking, 'surely that's not enough to think it's Fedor vs. Henderson,' and you would be right.

But combined with recent comments made by Gegard Mousasi to Karyn Bryant, it's definitely safe to make the assumption.

"I hear Dan Henderson's going to fight Fedor ... maybe (smiles). Maybe I shouldn't have said that. If that happens then I have to wait even longer (for a title shot).

Whoops. Looks like "The Dreamcatcher" spilled the beans on the potential superfight that Coker was in no rush to announce.

That's likely because, if anything, it's in its infant stages of development and there are entirely too many factors going against it at this point in time. Can Fedor make 205-pounds? Will Strikeforce be able to successfully negotiate with him to get him to agree to the fight?

Stay tuned.

That would put any light heavyweight title hopefuls, like Mousasi, on hold until "Dangerous" Dan gets done with the legendary PRIDE heavyweight.

This all sounding good to you, Maniacs?

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