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MFC 29 results and live fight coverage for 'Conquer' TONIGHT (April 8) from Windsor


Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) 29 went down tonight, Friday, April 8, 2011, live from the The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

"Conquer" featured two division title fights, as Douglas Lima put his welterweight strap on the line against veteran scrapper Terry Martin.

Ryan Jimmo also stepped up to defend the light heavyweight championship he won just a few months ago against former Strikeforce and Bellator fighter Zak Cummings.

A couple of longtime UFC veterans were also in action on the televised card as Marcus Davis took on Curtis Demarce and Hermes Franca faced off against Robert Washington.

How did everyone do?

Complete MFC 29 results and live play-by-play after the jump.


Main Event:

Douglas Lima def. Terry Martin via knockout in round 1

Main Card:

Ryan Jimmo def. Zak Cummings via unanimous decision
Marcus Davis def. Curtis Demarce via split decision
Hermes Franca def. Robert Washington via knockout in round 2
Pete Spratt def. Demi Deeds via submission (armbar) in round 2
Ali Mokdad def. Andreas Spang via submission (rear-naked choke) in round 1

Preliminary Card:

Dhiego Lima def. Josh Taveirne via submission (rear-naked choke) in round 3
David Harris def. Chucky Mady via submission (rear-naked choke) in round 1
Matthew Spisak def. Pete Brown via unanimous decision


Geno in control.

170 lbs.: Douglas Lima (17-4) vs. Terry Martin (20-8)

Round one: Off we go with a fight hat will hopefully wake everyone up. Lima just misses a left hand. 1-2 lands clean, though. Nice outside leg kick from Douglas. Whoa, there it is. Martin came in and Lima caught him flush. BOOM, that was it. He went straight out and Lima was like a fly on shit once he had him hurt. Big overhand right plastered Martin, right on the temple. Terry stood up and did the chicken dance before the referee grabbed him. Very impressive performance from Lima.

Round two:
Round three:
Round four:
Round five:

Final Result: Douglas Lima def. Terry Martin via knockout in round 1


205 lbs.: Ryan Jimmo (14-1) vs. Zak Cummings (12-2)

Round one: Not much action before a clinch gets separated. Zak is cut though. Jimmo lands a high kick. They clinch again. Low kick from Jimmo lands. Ryan times a kick and lands a strong straight right. Does it again. Follows up with a kick and that leads Cummings to clinch. Pushes him to the cage. Lot of pummeling to end the round. Super slow rolling. 10-9 Jimmo.

Round two: Jimmo comes out with kicks, which Schiavello refers to as "succulent." Uh, yeah. Once again Cummings clinches up against the cage and we could be in for a long one, folks. This thing is scheduled for five rounds. Crowd is none too pleased with the lack of action. They applaud the referee's decision to reset the fighters. Jimmo lands a nice head kick. Cummings just looks awkward with his striking. Jimmo is all over it with these kicks. Cummings rushes in and Jimmo ducks under and takes his back standing. Takedown but Cummings scrambles back to his feet. He rushes Jimmo but can't get his hands on him. Almost catches a kick. Now it's Jimmo initiating the clinch. Knee from Cummings lands clean to Jimmo's family jewels and we take a short break. Straight out, Jimmo lands a right hand. Cummings rushes in and gets a takedown but immediately, Jimmo scrambles right back to his feet. Clinched up against the cage and the round ends like that. 10-9 Jimmo.

Round three: Jimmo again opens with a low kick and straight away Cummings goes to the clinch, pushing him against the cage and working a single leg. This is dreadful. Boo birds are out in force. Literally, they look like they're just hugging each other. No one is doing anything. At. All. Cummings throws a left hand and Jimmo goes with a knee. Good lord, get in there and separate them Rosenthal. Cummings lands a right hand as he mercilessly backs out. Jimmo with a body kick. Single leg takedown attempt from Cummings but he never turned the corner and Jimmo reverses him against the cage. Another nice shot on the way out from Zak. Misses a high kick. Another clinch. Jimmo gets the takedown though and he's in full mount with a minute left. Short elbow. Cummings is just hanging on. Jimmo locks in an arm triangle and had it tight but Cummings bucked out of it just in time. 10-9 Jimmo.

Round four: Cummings rushes in with a left. Jimmo goes back to the high kick. Guess what happens next? Did you guess clinch? What gave it away? MFC now stands for Massively Failing Clinch-game and the crowd hates it. Cummings shoots a double on the reset but Jimmo's takedown defense is solid. That and Zak isn't driving all the way through. Cummings won't let go of the single. Just as I say that, he does and backs out. Comically misses a left. Another clinch and Jimmo gets a takedown into half guard. Punches the leg and gets to side control. Isolates the arm. Jimmo staying tight and throws his leg over to get mount but Cummings slips his leg under to get back to half guard. Jimmo once again isolates the arm, this time on the other side for the kimura. Gives it up for full mount though. He postures up and Cummings turns out. Looks like he's working for an arm. Now he's got his back with both hooks in. They turn again back to full mount. Round ends and Cummings needs a stoppage in the final frame. 10-9 Jimmo.

Round five: Kick from Jimmo lands nice to the body. Oh, what a surprise, Cummings shoots in and clinches up against the cage again. I don't hear his corner team shouting at him for how ineffective he's being, which must mean they've done like most fans and long ago checked out of this one. Finally, they separate and Jimmo gives us a flash of excitement with a spinning back kick. Cummings says, 'how dare you try to make this fight fun' and clinches up again. Not sure where the clinch is going to get him with two minutes left and his being down on every scorecard in North America. Maybe even South America. Rosenthal calls for a clean break. Jimmo in his trademark flat-footed, no movement stance. Round kick to the body from Jimmo and again Cummings clinches. Pushes him up against the cage and thank whatever god we all worship this fight is thirty seconds away from ending. If working for underhooks won fights, Cummings would have dominated. Sorry Zak, this is not the case. With 10 seconds left, Cummings FINALLY goes for broke. Way too little, way too late. 10-9 Jimmo.

Final Result: Ryan Jimmo def. Zak Cummings via unanimous decision


160 lbs.: Robert Washington (9-2) vs. Hermes Franca (20-11)

Round one: And now we get to see how Big Hermes will look. HDNet's Power meter has him in the hole in nearly every category. He leads with a high kick that Robert easily avoids. Lot of feeling out here early. Another kick. Big overhand right gets literally caught by Washington. REALLY slow rolling here. The crowd is getting restless with Washington moving around so much and so little action. Franca finally gets pissed and throws his hands up. He's going all Roy Jones Jr. and leaving his hands down and dancing. They exchange finally and Franca lands a big right hand off a kick. Washington looks like Houston Alexander in the Kimbo fight with as much as he's circling. Franca lands a right hand and Washington goes down. He's got him against the cage and he's working a kimura but Washinton wall walks and they reset. Low kick from Franca earns him a big shot. Big Herm-es really wants to brawl but Washington isn't falling for it. It's like a poor man's Lyoto Machida. 10-9 Washington.

Round two: Hermes leads with a high kick. Washington pops in with a shot and bounces right back out. Franca follows through with a punch and drops him. Big right hand popped Washington and put him on his ass. A couple shots on the ground and that was that. Washington was gone. Big straight right hand.

Round three:

Final Result: Hermes Franca def. Robert Washington via knockout in round 2


170 lbs.: Marcus Davis (17-8) vs. Curtis Demarce (10-8)

Round one: Davis looks light on his feet to get going. They exchange and Davis gets the better of it. Davis grabs a guillotine and it looked nasty for a few seconds but Demarce pops his head out. Once again he's got his head and he's pushing Curtis up against the cage. Don't want to gas his arms out here. Nice trip takedown from Davis after they got off the cage. Into half-guard. Demarce gets back to full. Davis working him out on top, not doing a lot of damage but definitely scoring points. 10-9 Davis.

Round two: Demarce still has his enthusiasm, as he comes running on out for the second. They exchange shots and Davis shows his superior boxing. Demarce had his hand out briefly like he wanted to do a test of strength a la Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior from WrestleMania six. Davis went full heel and kneed him for his troubles. Clinch up and another takedown from Marcus. Working on top, with punches. Plenty of volume and it looks like he's doing some damage this time. Damarce has a cut over his eye. The ref calls time and they're going to look at the cut. Demarce is apparently saying he can't see. Now we get a look and Davis is bloodied up bad. Turns out he's the one with the cut. What a clusterf*ck in the cage right now. Doctor's everywhere and no one knows what's going on. Alright, they finally get out and we're back to legal assault. Davis lands a shot and Curtis's mouthpiece is out. Davis grabs his neck and drops down for the guillotine. Demarce gets his head out though and he's on top. Davis wall walks and stands up but Demarce ducks under and gets a big takedown. Now Demarce steps over for a guillotine of his own. Davis pops his head out though and now he's back on top. Schiavello is going nuts with cliches on the blood pouring from Davis head. Says someone should call Red Cross because Davis could make a huge donation. Second round ends with Davis on top. 10-9 Davis.

Round three: The doctor will once again check the cut on Davis before they start the third round. He's good to roll though. Davis lands a nice knee on Demarce as he dives in. And another. Demarce shoots in for the takedown and eats a knee but drives through it to complete the takedown. Davis slides his way back to the wall and walks back to his feet. Beautiful counter right hand from Davis lands flush. Another knee from Davis on a shot from Demarce. Curtis is still working the clinch against the cage. The ref separates them after a few seconds and they reset in the center. Low kick from Davis lands straight to Demarce's nutsack. That was ugly. Under a minute now after the restart. A big knee lands from Davis as Demarce shoots in again. Davis works yet another guillotine and once again Curtis gets out but Davis ends the fight on top. Fight should be his. 10-9 Davis.

Final Result: Marcus Davis def. Curtis Demarce via split decision


170 lbs.: Demi Deeds (15-8) vs. Pete Spratt (21-17)

Round one: Big body kick from Spratt. Looks like he's loading it up. Big overhand misses and Deeds hits with one of his own. First clinch of the contest just over a minute in. Another big kick misses from Spratt. Deeds hits one, though. Feint "splat" when it connected. Another clinch but they back out. These boys are throwing big and throwing plenty but no one is connecting. Deeds again initiates a clinch against the cage. Nothing gives and Spratt pushes off. Spratt still faking with the kicks while Deeds pushes forward without landing. Deeds lands a glancing head kick and Spratt looks wobbled. Can't land anything on the follow up but takes him down and works for an armbar but misses it. Spratt unloads with a flurry of punches to end the round after he gets back up. Close one. Very close. 10-9 Deeds.

Round two: Nasty sounding body kick from Deeds to open things in the second. Spratt grabs a Thai plum and lands a few knees. Errant kick from Spratt straight to the jewels. Yves Lavigne lets Spratt know he won't deduct a point now but will if he does it again. Deeds taking some extra time to recover. Back underway. They bro hug in the center before attempting assault once again. Switch kick. Deeds shoots in after a stalemate standing and has a single leg against the cage. Superb takedown defense from Spratt though. After a short time clinched up, Lavigne separates the two and they reset. Spratt working his kicks and landing to the body. Lands a left hook and he's all over Deeds now. Demi is just covering up and running away. Down they go and Spratt goes down into his half-guard still swinging. Whoa, holy shit. Just like that, he stepped over, grabbed an arm and forced the tap with a straight armbar. That was out of nowhere. Highly impressive.

Round three:

Final Result: Pete Spratt def. Demi Deeds via submission (armbar) in round 2


185 lbs.: Andreas Spang (5-0) vs. Ali Mokdad (3-0)

Round one: Head kick from Spang to start. Immediate clinch and Mokdad gets the trip takedown. Looking to push down on the leg and pass. Postures up and raining down blows. Just like that, takes his back and puts the hooks him. Turns him and he sinks it in but Spang gets out. Looks like it's close. Too deep and he taps. That was an exhibition in jiu-jitsu right there, ladies and sirs.

Round two:
Round three:

Final Result: Ali Mokdad def. Andreas Spang via submission (rear-naked choke) in round 1


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