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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 ratings down for episode two, averages 1.2 million viewers on Spike TV

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Thought the ratings were bad for the premier episode of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 on March 30? Well, not only did they not improve for episode two, they actually got worse.

According to numbers released by Spike TV, episode two garnered a 1.0 overall rating (including 1.13 in males 18-49 and 1.4 in males 18-34) for 1.2 million viewers.

While not exactly disastrous, the decline in viewership from episode one, which brought in 1.5 million viewers, is unquestionably not a good sign. This fact becomes amplified when taking into consideration the presence of Brock Lesnar, who has always been a box-office behemoth for the UFC.

Are these numbers indicative of the decline in the former WWE superstar's drawing power? Perhaps but it should also be noted that TUF changed time-slots for this season, moving to an hour earlier start time.

Two episodes down, eight to go. Will ratings improve? Stay tuned.

The second episode of season 13 featured Lesnar doing his best as a motivational speaker while also showcasing the second elimination bout. You can check out a full recap by clicking here.

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