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Thiago Silva fined, license revoked for failed drug test

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Looks like Thiago Silva pissed away more than just an opportunity.

The UFC light heavyweight contender was recently popped by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for submitting a urine sample that was "inconsistent with that of a human" following his unanimous decision win over Brandon Vera at UFC 125 back on Jan. 1.

And although he initially maintained his innocence following the incident, he eventually came clean and decided to accept the consequences for his actions.

Today the punishment was handed down and it's a doozy (via MMAWeekly):

Silva's license has been revoked for a period of one year, beginning on Jan. 1, he was fined 25 percent of his UFC 125 fight purse, he was also fined $20,000 of his $55,000 win bonus (which brings the total fine to $33,750) and will have to submit a clean drug test before reapplying next year.

The result of his bout against Brandon Vera has also been overturned and ruled a no contest.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer reportedly lobbied to have Silva's license revocation start on April 7 as opposed to Jan. 1 due to the fighter initially lying about his drug test.

The commission, instead, decided to use the precedent already set for past rulings in cases such as these and revoked his license from the date of the contest.

MMAWeekly also reports that Silva detailed how he went about submitting the "non-human" sample.

Apparently, the Brazilian took to the internet to purchase the goods, proceeded to hide them in his shorts and at the opportune time, emptied the contents into the collection cup.

His being able to do so called into question the methods used by the NSAC, who will reportedly undergo a stern review of their drug testing process.

Got all that, Maniacs?

Does the punishment fit the crime? Are you in agreement with the ruling brought down today?

And does anyone think Brandon Vera is somewhere out there smiling, waiting to welcome him back to the Octagon? To that point, will YOU welcome him back to the cage with open arms?

Sound off.

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