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Jason 'Mayhem' Miller wants to replace Chael Sonnen as potential coach of Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14

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Calling all "Monkeys" -- you're favorite middleweight prankster, Jason Miller, wants to coach The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 in the place of Chael Sonnen.

Because of the myriad of issues facing the mouth ex-Realtor, or "The Republitard," as Miller calls him, it's looking less and less like he'll be charged with the duty of leading the featherweight and bantamweight hopefuls next season opposite Michael Bisping.

But that's okay because "Mayhem" is on the case, campaigning to UFC President Dana White on Twitter to let him fill the void:

"@DanaWhite Chael can't make it to the party? I'd happily be the American Hero. Put me on TUF, watch the ratings explode."

He's also enlisted the help of his "Monkeys," who are currently in the process of "Twitter bombing" whomever needs to be convinced to let him step in against Bisping on the popular Spike reality television show.

If this does indeed come to fruition, it would mark the first crossover since the Zuffa buyout of Strikeforce. But is there any real chance of it happening?

Considering all the problems with selecting Sonnen as coach, one would think it's possible at the very least. Surely, if demand is high enough the powers that be will make it happen, right? Anyone think it's a good idea?

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