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What lesson did Frank Mir learn from Jones vs Evans? Don't train with guys in your weight class!


Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir is going to UFC 130 over the Memorial Day weekend to face the friendly fire of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Champion Roy Nelson.

Mir, in addition to having a personal relationship with the big-bellied behemoth, also has some insight into the abilities of his prodigious foe thanks to a mat-attack at Grappler's Quest way back in 2003.

But you know the old saying: It's nothing personal, just business.

With the brewing feud between Greg Jackson disciples Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, much of the recent Octadrama has centered on the dynamic between friends and training partners being forced to fight in order to stay competitive within their respective divisions.

As Mir explains to, the answer is simple: Just stop training with guys in your weight class.

"[Roy and I] were actually in the gym together the very next morning so we kind of discussed how it was gonna go like 'Look, there's only so many heavyweights, I guess we're gonna have to fight.' I think both of us were looking forward to fighting when there was a little bit more on the line as far as one of us having a title or pushing ourselves up into a number one contender spot. It is what it is. It's beneficial to the promoter to have two guys from Vegas fighting on their Memorial Day weekend card so I understand it and it's business, so I gotta just go out there and fight. One lesson I learned from Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans is if there's any heavyweights in the UFC, I'm not gonna train with them anymore. Why would you? That's a potential opponent. If he gets any kind of advantage over you in the gym, learns a secret or knows something about an injury, that could potentially cost you a lot of money. I think in the future if guys are smart, they'll stop training with guys in their own weight class."

Mir (14-5) is coming off a knockout win over Mirko Filipovic at UFC 119 back on Sept. 25. His third round finish over "Cro Cop" was impressive, unfortunately no one was awake to congratulate him after the fight.

That's because his two-and-a-half round stinker against the Croatian was called "one of the worst main events in UFC history." In fact, Mir's performance was so pitiful that UFC President Dana White failed to recognize his stoppage as "Knockout of the Night" -- despite it being the only (T)KO finish of the entire event.

Still, it should be noted that the jiu-jitsu black belt has heavy hands, knocking out Brazilian vegetable Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira after stiffening Cheick Kongo en route to a Dec. '09 submission win.

He's still a top ten heavyweight no matter how you slice it.

That means win or lose, his list of eligible training partners will continue to dwindle down until it's just Nelson and ... and ...

Fill in the blanks!

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