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UFC Quick Quote: Brendan Schaub can beat anyone in the heavyweight division


"I think I can beat anyone in the heavyweight division. I can hang with any of those guys. If the UFC wants to pull back the brakes I can understand that but if they want to throw me into the fire with the big dogs I'm fine with that too so I'm fine with whichever way the UFC wants to go. The winner of Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson could be a good fight for me, Big Nog, there's a ton of big names out there. I just want the biggest."

Fresh off his UFC 128 knockout over Mirko Cro Cop back on March 19, Brendan Schaub (via MMA:30) sets his sights on "anyone" in the promotion's heavyweight division. Anyone in particular? Well, since "The Hybrid" thinks he can beat them all, he wants to get paired against the biggest name, including Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria who is still without an opponent for the UFC "Rio" event this August. How about it fight fans, is the former TUF guy the next big thing at 265-pounds? Or does he need to beat more than just overweight wrestlers and fading legends to prove his merit? Opinions please.

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