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Dana White: The Ultimate Fighter reality show is here to stay, deal with it!

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At first glance, the ratings for the debut of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 14, which features top draw Brock Lesnar and heavyweight knockout king Junior dos Santos as coaches, were bad. Upon second viewing, and in comparison to previous seasons, the numbers were abysmal.

But the sky, as they say, is not falling.

Or at least, that's what Dana White is saying. The UFC President is rather annoyed with the reaction to the latest season premiere of the reality show that saved his company. He took to the Underground to voice his frustrations:

"SINCE WHEN IS 1.5 MILLIONS VIEWERS BAD? People have been saying it is dead since season 4. Sit back and watch bitches or don't. TUF isnt going anywhere!!!! deal with it."

The people old "D.W." are referring to, are the fans that have long decried the stale nature of the show and the lack of star power produced by it.

Obviously, that's not enough to convince the men in charge, be it with the UFC or Spike TV, to even begin talks of bringing the show to a close. Money talks, and White is correct in his assessment that 1.5 million viewers is a good number, one that will pay the proverbial bills.

But how long will that last? How many seasons does TUF have left before it jumps the shark, if it hasn't already?

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