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UFC 129 results: Rory MacDonald slams Nate Diaz on his head


Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a new welterweight star.

If there were any doubts about Rory MacDonald after he fell seconds short of defeating welterweight contender Carlos Condit, he silenced them tonight by physically brutalizing Stockton bad-boy Nate Diaz in the final Spike TV match on the UFC 129 undercard.

MacDonald continuously beat the Cesar Gracie product to the punch in the first two rounds, mixing in takedowns to ensure he'd win the round.

As the frustrated Diaz tried to taunt MacDonald and force him into a brawl, the surging Canadian crowd taunted right back with repeated chants of "f*** you Diaz!"

The third round was where MacDonald would make his mark.

When Diaz haphazardly gave up his back, "The Waterboy" picked him up and slammed the Stockton native with a nasty suplex.

Diaz would work his way back to his feet but the Tristar trainee would repeatedly slam him on his head, each suplex being thrown with more authority than the one before.

"The Waterboy" had plenty to say about his impressive slams.

"He turned and exposed his back to me and that’s a pretty natural movement for me. I feel very strong in that position. He kept turning his back to me. I was really surprised by the third one. I felt like I was going to keep slamming him until the end of the round."

No one has ever rag-dolled Nate Diaz like that before. The judges were rightfully impressed, giving MacDonald an easy decision victory, even scoring the bout 30-26 on two of their cards.

At just 21 years old and training out of an elite gym, the world is Rory MacDonald's oyster.

"The Waterboy"  will eat well tonight.

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