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TUF 13 coach Lew Polley: Junior dos Santos is a camera-hungry attention whore

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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 just got interesting again.

Apparently the tension brewing between Junior dos Santos and his assistant coach Lew Polley on the Spike TV reality series was not the result of fancy editing or post-show production.

The two coaches have been butting heads in recent episodes of TUF 13 as "Cigano" maintains Polley was brought in to coach wrestling -- and only wrestling -- and has been overstepping his bounds.

Polley claims it had more to do with Junior losing his camera time:

"On this recent episode you'll get to see Junior's true nature come out, when he starts getting hungry for the camera. He starts pushing things out of the way and putting me in the crossfire. He would always ask me to help, always ask me to lead his session, always ask me to do this, do that, and I would do it because he asked me. Then he gets upset because the guys start to warm up to me and ask my advice. He gets pissed because I start doing a good job ... you can watch every episode and you'll see his demeanor changes. He becomes more of a prick as the season moves on. Everybody's kissing Junior's ass left and right and I'm not gonna do that. Basically Junior's full of shit and it came out in this episode. Junior's biggest problem is he's an attention-whore and he didn't get the attention he wanted so he took it out on me and the reason why is I speak English. People would ask me to do things and he didn't like it. He became a big baby, always complaining. Dude, we're winning, so what is your big issue?"

Hear it straight from the horse's mouth after the jump.

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