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'Cop' out: Sean Pierson won't need a badge to bring justice to Toronto

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Do you wanna be a f-ing police officer?

UFC welterweight Sean Pierson made headlines back in December when the Toronto Police Department asked him to turn in his badge after a decision win over Matt Riddle at UFC 124: "St. Pierre vs. Koscheck," as it presented a potential "conflict of interest."

He would have to make a choice between fighting in the UFC and becoming a policeman.

Octagon it is.

Pierson started his career a mediocre 5-4, but after stringing together five consecutive wins, he got the call up from the big show. Well, that and the UFC needed a late replacement for an injured T.J. Waldburger to face Riddle on Dec. 11 in Montreal.

The Canadian agreed and made the most of the opportunity by taking a unanimous decision win that company President Dana White would have awarded "Fight of the Night" -- had it not been the one event he decided to let the fans vote on the award.

Apparently that was enough for the organization to ask the grappler back and he'll get to fight in his native land, no less, when he takes on Jake Ellenberger at UFC 129 this Saturday night (April 30) at the Rogers Centre.

Take that Toronto PD!

The police report later filed claims Pierson was rejected for his "Pimp Daddy" nickname that he used to carry earlier in his career, but as he tells the The Star, it's all water under the proverbial bridge.

"Great things are happening for me right now and I have no regrets. As long as you keep positive about what happens in life, I think you're set. Jake really pushes the pace and he's got a much stronger wrestling base than Matt (Riddle) had. I've got a ton of support coming out so it's going to be a fun night either way. I don't want to try and win on points. I want to put on a great show and just leave it all in the ring if I can."

Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Brian Foster, most notably a brain hemorrhage discovered by doctor's in a pre-fight physical, the UFC was forced to scramble for a late replacement for Pierson's upcoming fight in "Emerald City."

They eventually found one ... and he's a "Juggernaut."

Ellenberger, a gritty Nebraskan wrestler, has been rolling right through his opposition since joining the UFC, save for a controversial split decision loss in his debut against Carlos Condit.

Sean Pierson vs. Jake Ellenberger at UFC 129. Who ya' got?

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