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UFC 129: Jose Aldo vs Mark Hominick fight video preview with Dana White

"(Mark Hominick) is obviously a very talented guy. He's got great hand speed and he truly believes that Jose Aldo can't stand with him. I think confidence is a very big thing and obviously you gotta have the talent to back it up, but I'm interested in that fight. I think it's going to be a fun fight.

"Hominick proved in his last fight... he didn't lay around for three rounds and hang out. He went in and finished business. Stopped (George) Roop quick and showed that he wanted this title shot.

"Here's the thing: Even on the pound-for-pound lists, people want to put (Jon Jones) right at the top of the pound-for-pound lists; the thing about pound-for-pound lists are -- it takes years to really get yourself on the top of that pound-for-pound list. If you look at Anderson Silva, who is number one in the world pound-for-pound, look what he's done. Look what he's accomplished, look how long he's reigned. And people don't give him credit for this either ... look how old he is. This guy isn't 28 years-old; he's like 36. So, obviously the talent is there, this guy is walking through everybody, he's fighting crime two hours before the event and then going on and winning world titles against real guys. Time will tell. We'll see if this guy is going to be the greatest ever. The potential is obviously there and one of the things I think happens with a guy like Jones is, you know, he's got this personality, he's a good looking guy, he's very likable. Doesn't matter who you are, everybody likes Jon Jones, from hardcore MMA fans to little old ladies who saw him on the Leno show.

"I do think (Jose Aldo) could (win belts in multiple weight classes). I think he wants to. I could see him moving to (1)55 and taking on whoever the champion is there at the time, whether it's Frankie Edgar or Frankie Edgar could move down and fight him down there. There's a couple of guys who could move different ways. So who knows? We'll see. Again, time.

"Yeah (I would support Aldo changing weight classes). I'm a big fan of cleaning out divisions and he's probably pretty close, you know, he's probably pretty close. So him moving up to... maybe him and Edgar swap and go back down and then meet each other somewhere else, who knows?"

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