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UFC Quick Quote: Chuck Liddell predicts Jake Shields will finish Georges St. Pierre

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"I'm siding with Jake. Jake's going to have to take him down. I'm expecting him to be in great shape for the fight. He'll be in great shape for GSP. But yeah, I expect him to take him down and finish him."

-- After Chuck Liddell settled in to his new position of UFC Executive Vice President of Business Development by putting together the UFC 129: "St. Pierre vs. Shields" fight card, he sat down with the MMA Hour to make a prediction for the main event he envisioned for the organization's debut in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. "The Iceman" believes Jake Shields will be in shape for this title fight and he'll take Georges St. Pierre to the mat and work his jiu-jitsu magic. Easier said than done (ask the entire welterweight division) but if anyone has the tools to make it happen, it's the Cesar Gracie black belt. Admittedly enough, Chuck is heavily biased, what with training with Shields since the very beginning of his career but it's not exactly a crazy prediction. Or is it?

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