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UFC 129: Lyoto Machida is not just going to walk through and destroy Randy Couture (Video)

That's according to UFC President Dana White who long ago gave up on underestimating the ageless wonder. He also says Lyoto Machida's counter-striking style won't work against Randy Couture. Thoughts?

"Here's the thing, you know, I think a lot of people, again, have written Randy Couture off. I haven't. I been saying for a long time now, I still consider Randy Couture one of the top ten light heavyweights in the world. And I think that Machida is going to have problems with Couture. I don't think Machida is going to go in there and just walk through and destroy Randy Couture. I think it's going to be a tough fight. I think Randy Couture always takes his fights serious, he's always in great shape, he's always healthy and he always comes up with great gameplans. And I'm sure he's got one for Machida.

"He text me a couple weeks ago and said, 'this guy is very interesting.' So, I'm sure he was watching tapes or whatever it might be. It's going to be a tough fight. What does it do to Machida? The fact that I still consider Couture, you know I don't watch, I don't believe half the bullshit rankings out there they have. I think Randy Couture is still top 10.

"I don't think (Machida's style has been figured out). I think his style has kind of backfired on him a little bit. The thing that, the style that, got him all those wins all these years is kind of backfiring on him now. I don't think people figured it out but he lays back a little too much and doesn't... you know, when he's aggressive, I mean, we've seen what he looks like when he's aggressive -- Thiago Silva. You know, Thiago Silva's a tough guy who will stand up with you, go to the ground, whatever it is and we saw what happened there. If he... I think he needs to be more aggressive and come forward. He's definitely going to have to be that way with Couture. Because Couture's going to be right in his face the whole fight.

"Back when Couture was 38 I said I won't count him out anymore. You can't count Randy Couture out. I don't care if he's 68, the guy is a freak of nature.

"(Randy's been saying he's going to retire) since he was 36, you know? He's 56 now. Ha. Who the hell knows (if he's going to retire)?"

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