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Choke artist: Mark Bocek can submit Ben Henderson the right way ...

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... as opposed to the way everyone else has been attempting to choke him -- the wrong way.

At least, that's what Bocek tells, when asked if Henderson is simply impossible to submit. One cannot be blamed for thinking as much, what with as durable as "Bendo" has looked but according to Mark, those other guys just aren't doing it right.

"Absolutely, absolutely (he can be submitted). Maybe not with armlocks but definitely with chokes. I just don't think people are choking him the right way. He's a very tough guy to choke. He's really resilient, but at the same time, I don't think people are doing guillotines or the rear-naked chokes right."

If anyone would know the proper technique, it's Bocek, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu wizard with a penchant for choking out his opponents.

The Canadian submission specialist has won four of his last five fights, three of which have come by his favored submission, the rear-naked choke. But can he force a "Smooth" tap out of Henderson at UFC 129 on April 30 in Toronto?

Despite the lack of press this fight has received, "Bendo" is a former WEC lightweight champion and Bocek is currently knocking on the door to top contender status.

Can he break on through to the other side?

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