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UFC Quick Quote: Can Junior dos Santos submit Brock Lesnar on June 11?

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"You can be sure (I'm comfortable with my ground game). I'm not a specialist and can't compare to the great jiu jitsu fighters in MMA like Nogueira brothers and Demian Maia but I am sure I can surprise whoever it is. I don't want the fight on the ground but as soon as the guy takes me down and holds me there, people will see my game. My job has been working well standing and this is the path I will follow. I train with Yuri Carlton, my jiu-jitsu master, but I always have the example of beasts like Demian Maia, Antonio Peinado and of course Nogueiras."

-- Junior dos Santos talks to (via Fighters Only) about his comfort level on the ground when and if that's where Brock Lesnar takes the fight at UFC 131 on June 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Old Sword 'N Chest is a wrestler first and a mixed martial artist second, so it doesn't take an idiot to figure out exactly what he wants to do when he gets his hands on "Cigano" at the conclusion of season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). And while dos Santos is training to keep the fight standing, he feels confident in his mat skills thanks to the beasts he rolls with like Demian Maia and the Nogueira brothers. The Brazilian knockout king has shown a proclivity for avoiding takedowns but in the event he doesn't survive a beefy bumrush from Lord Brockness, is anyone thinking he can maneuver his way to a submission victory? Sound off!

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