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UFC Rio: Anderson Silva doesn't have any interest in 'getting revenge' against Yushin Okami

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In words that are sure to slightly alarm UFC President Dana White, Anderson Silva is now claiming he has no interest in getting revenge against Yushin Okami after what happened in their first fight five years ago.

"The Spider" used one of his long limbs to kick "Thunder" in the face, knocking him out in the first round. However, the Japanese judo player was on the ground at the time of the strike, making it illegal.

Okami may or may not have been able to continue (Silva certainly thought he could), but either way, he was awarded the win via disqualification, something that initially didn't sit too well with the middleweight champion.

That's not the case now, it would seem. A full five years removed from that Rumble on the Rock showdown, Silva is the 185-pound king in the UFC and hasn't lost a single fight since that night.

As he tells Mike Straka, he feels no need to get revenge because he already knocked him out. What's the point in doing it again?

"I really have no interest in getting revenge against Yushin Okami. We already fought. He lost. He got knocked out. Let's move on. But really, I'm in here to fight the best, and if he's credentialed to fight me, and he's up there to get a title shot, then he deserves it and we've got to do it."

Those words don't exactly inspire confidence in regards to the mindset Silva has heading into his fight with Okami on August 27 in Brazil.

In fact, it almost sounds like we could be in for a repeat of the bizarre performances Anderson laid down at UFC 90, 97 or even (god forbid) the infamous stinker in Abu Dhabi.

An unmotivated Silva could mean a vulnerable champion but it could also mean the main event of the UFC's first event in Brazil since the late 90s will feature a "Spider" that feels unchallenged.

And we've seen how that plays out.

Of course, the Brazilian could very well want to put on one hell of a show for his countrymen. After all, it's unlikely he'll get the chance to do so again, considering the fact that he's in the waning stages of his career.

Anyone else a bit worried after hearing Silva's words?

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