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Jason 'Mayhem' Miller signs with UFC after Strikeforce contract expired

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Hey "Monkeys," ya boy ain't in San Jose anymore.

That's because Jason "Mayhem" Miller has signed a multi-fight contract with the UFC, according to The popular middleweight was allowed to make the jump to Zuffa's largest promotion due to his contract with Strikeforce recently expiring.

Miller had been campaigning for a fight against Nick Diaz before the Zuffa acquisition of Strikeforce; however, once the deal went through, he quickly turned his attention to middleweights in the UFC.

On top of throwing his hat in the ring as a possible coach of season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), "Mayhem" also stirred up trouble with both Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping by stating he would "beat the brakes off both the Republitard and The Limey."

Now that he's officially with the UFC, he might actually get the chance to back up his big talk. 

Which would you rather see -- Miller vs. Bisping? Or Miller vs. Sonnen? Or is there someone else you have in mind for "Mayhem's" return to the Octagon?

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