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UFC Rio: Anderson Silva will 'shut down' Yushin Okami in Brazil


That's according to former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Rafael Cavalcante.

Not exactly an earth-shattering revelation when you consider the source -- "Feijao" is a member of Team Black House along with "The Spider" -- but at least it's a thought regarding Silva's upcoming clash against Okami at UFC 134: "Rio" on August 27 in Brazil.

Yushin Okami is the forgotten man in the middleweight division, not just because of his low-key nature and none-too-flashy fighting style, but because the world is entirely too fixated on a superfight between the 185-pound champion and Georges St. Pierre.

Intriguing as it may be to think of such a clash, there are quite a few indications that the dream match-up will never come to be.

Crazy as it might sound, Jake Shields actually has a shot at dethroning the welterweight champion at UFC 129 on April 30. By the same token, Okami possesses the skill-set to do the same to Silva.

But, as Cavalcante tells Tatame, the Brazilian is excited to shut down "Thunder" after the controversial nature of their first fight.

"For what I know by training with him, his greatest goal is to fight in Brazil, so I'm positive he'll be thrilled. We always wanted it. And the second (goal) is that it's a rematch from a controversy win of Okami. Anderson was doing great on that fight, so I believe he'll put on a great show. He's excited about it. Okami will be shut down (laughs)."

Okami has built an impressive Octagon resume since making his way to the UFC, winning 10 of 12 fights before finally being granted a rematch against Silva for the middleweight title.

The first bout took place in Hawaii all the way back in 2006, one that ended in controversy after Anderson landed a vicious upkick to a downed Yushin that the Japanese import could not recover from.

The result was a disqualification win for Okami and one pissed off "Spider."

Silva believes the judo specialist could have continued but instead elected to take the easy way out and earn himself a "cheap" win. Now, more than five years later, he'll finally get the chance to avenge the last loss on his record.

Anyone giving Okami a chance at the upset here? Anyone at all?

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