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UFC Quick Quote: Canadians fans are awesome, Terry Toughnuts is not

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"I have fought in Canada twice before. I had huge support ... (Canadian fans are) really knowledgeable, awesome fans. Canadian fans in my experience really know MMA for the sake of MMA. They appreciate wrestling for the sake of wrestling. They appreciate jiu-jitsu for the sake of jiu-jitsu. They appreciate Muay Thai for the sake of Muay Thai. It is not all about like some UFC/MMA fans, who are all about 'Knock his head off put him in a body bag' Terry Toughnuts or Billy Badass approach. The Canadian fans are really knowledgeable, and seem to like me."

Looks like Ben Henderson has a soft spot for Canadian fans after telling Figure Four Online (via that he appreciates the knowledge base he finds north of the border as he heads into his UFC 129 fight against Mark Bocek, but is he going to give them something to cheer about? Or will Bocek send him to his second consecutive loss? Have at it Maniacs!

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