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Brock Lesnar: Highest paid UFC fighter, makes ESPNs list of 'Best Paid Athletes'

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Brock Lesnar is the highest paid fighter in the UFC.

While Manny Pacquiao would consider the former UFC heavweight champion's salary to be just a few dollars above poverty, the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 coach still pockets a lot more than the top earners in professional darts and women's volleyball.

That's according to ESPN the Magazine, who is releasing a list of the best paid athletes across 30 sports, including mixed martial arts.

The issue hits newsstands on May 2, 2011, but can be previewed here.

So, how much does Lesnar earn? According to the numbers, he's hovering right around the median income, with a salary of $5,300,000 split between his fight purse and pay-per-view share. breaks it all down:

The category "money" below represents official base salary or earnings from the most recently completed season or calendar year, and excludes endorsements, appearance fees, sponsorship money and other sources of extra income, unless otherwise noted. Figures have been converted to U.S. dollars where applicable. For those sports not listed, official salary data were unavailable. Road-running data courtesy of Association of Road Racing Statisticians.

Women's bowling was the lowest paid sport while baseball and boxing split top honors. The average amount earned per athlete was $5,547,360 divided among 32 men and 11 women.

Lesnar will try to insert himself back into the division title hunt when he faces opposing TUF coach Junior dos Santos at UFC 131 on June 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

And he'll make a lot of money doing it.

U mad?

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