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UFC 129: Jake Shields is going to submit Georges St. Pierre after an 'all out war'

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That's what Shields thinks, at least.

Since winning his title back from Matt Serra at UFC 83, Georges St. Pierre has run the whole gamut of opponents leading into his UFC 129 clash against the former Strikeforce middleweight champion on April 30.

"Rush" has worked through the grinder (Jon Fitch), the boxer (B.J. Penn), the Muay Thai specialist (Thiago Alves), the brawler (Dan Hardy) and the wrestler (Josh Koscheck).

That's an impressive list of martial artists with an extremely wide-ranging list of skills. Missing from the list (except maybe in the case of Penn), is a jiu-jitsu wizard with a penchant for finishing opponents by way of submission.

That's where Jake Shields comes in.

The vegan warrior has big plans for the biggest show in UFC history at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. As he tells The MMA Fight Corner (via, he plans on submitting the welterweight champ and he even has the exact round he thinks he'll do it.

"It's going to be an all out war. GSP's a great fighter. I'd be lying if I said it was an easy fight, but I see myself winning. Probably tap him, hopefully, early on but probably in the later rounds. (Round 3) sounds about right."

Before discounting those claims as outrageous, it's important to note that Shields hasn't lost a fight since 2004. That's 15 wins in a row over the likes of top 170-pound contender Carlos Condit, current Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Henderson and current middleweight number one contender Yushin Okami.

In fact, he beat Condit and Okami on the same night.

He's also enlisted the help of some of the best wrestlers in the sport today to get him prepared for the grappling game GSP brings to the table. Ben Askren, Matt Lindland and Chael Sonnen have all spent time in California helping Shields get ready for the biggest fight of his life.

That's on top of Strikeforce lightweight and welterweight champions Gilbert Melendez and Nick Diaz, who make their home with Jake at the Cesar Gracie camp.

With that squad of elite fighters helping him prepare, there's no question that Shields will be ready come fight night, even with 55,000 screaming Canadians cheering against him.

But can he really go out and do what only one man has done before him? Can he really shock the world and submit the man widely considered to be the greatest 170-pound fighter that's ever lived?

Predictions, Maniacs ... if you will.

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