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Is Anderson Silva the greatest fighter of all time?

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Anderson Silva made his debut in the UFC on June 28, 2006 against Chris Leben at UFC Fight Night 5. He dominated that night, landing every strike he threw and knocking "The Crippler" out (a feat no other fighter had ever accomplished) in just 49 seconds.

He captured the middleweight title in his next fight and hasn't looked back since. Today, he's defended his strap eight times and won an unprecedented 13 fights in a row inside the Octagon.

Is that enough to make him the greatest fighter in the short history of mixed martial arts? His manager, Ed Soares, told the answer is yes.

"What he's done is going to be very difficult for anybody ever to repeat... eight title defenses, 13 consecutive wins in the UFC. I think the way the sport is evolving and how much better these athletes and all these fighters are getting, I think for you to roll off 13 wins consecutively in the UFC is something almost next to impossible. I really truly believe in my heart that Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time."

Well ... is he?