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UFC Quick Quote: Bro, Thiago Alves is gonna finish Rick Story on May 28

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"Bro, I've been having the best (training camp) of my life. I got everybody on the same page - all my coaches. [Mike] Dolce's doing a great job getting everybody together. Everybody from American Top Team. Dan Lambert, [who] is my manager, has been pressing big time to bring the best sparring partners for me. Bro, I can't wait. I'm in great shape right now this far out from the fight. I just can't wait to see the results when I step in there. It's very, very important (to win convincingly). I'm going out there to make a statement. I'm not looking for points. I'm going to finish the fight. Either I'm gonna knock (Rick Story) out or submit him."

Former UFC welterweight number one contender Thiago Alves, who got back into the win column with a lopsided unanimous decision win over John Howard back in December, tells The Fight Fix he's ready to "make a statement" against Rick Story at UFC 130 on May 28 in Las Vegas. "The Pitbull" appears to have conquered his weight cutting demons and could become a major player again at 170-pounds starting with his fight in "Sin City," but based on his previous struggles, is it premature to assume it's going to be smooth sailing from here on out? And will he be prepared to handle the "Horror" Story on fight night? Bro, let's here some early predictions for this upcoming scrap.

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