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Anderson Silva won't fight Jon Jones but 'there is a chance' he will fight Georges St. Pierre

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The dreaded "F" word has ruined yet another potentially wondrous occasion.

That's right ... friendship has once again gotten in the way of a superfight that a few fans and pundits had already started asking for -- Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones.

"The Spider" talked to (translated by Tom Mendes) and put the kibosh on any hopes of the bout coming to fruition:

"No chance. He's in a different weight class, we are friends and we won't fight each other."

This is unfortunate news to say the least. And while UFC President Dana White may not have ever intended on booking the fight, there's no doubt he doesn't like hearing such things.

What he does enjoy hearing, is what Silva had to say about a potential superfight against Georges St. Pierre:

"There is a chance there, everything will depend on our results. It depends on him winning at UFC 129 and me winning in August (against Yushin Okami). And from there, who knows, this fight could take place."

In the event that St. Pierre knocks off former Strikeforce and EliteXC Champion Jake Shields, and Silva takes out Yushin Okami once and for all, both men will have more or less cleaned out their respective divisions.

Talk of a "Rush" vs. "Spider" megafight began after the latter obliterated Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 in February. Dana White fueled the flames simply by not dismissing the idea outright.

He did say, at the very least, that "GSP" would need to beat Shields in Toronto, something that is most certainly not a foregone conclusion as it's been portrayed.

However, that fight will take place on April 30, almost a full four months before the UFC holds its August 27 event in Rio de Janiero where Silva will defend his title against Okami.

If both men win, and the fight comes to be, that would represent quite the layoff for the French-Canadian, although it would set up nicely for a year-end show, where the UFC likes to hold some of its biggest fights.

Any thoughts on all this? Disappointed that Silva vs. Jones is no longer a possibility? Happy to hear that Silva vs. St. Pierre still is?

Opinions, please.

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