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UFC 129: Lyoto Machida vs Randy Couture is not going to be a wrestling match ...

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... it's going to be an MMA fight.

That's the word coming from Lyoto Machida, who knows exactly what UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture plans on doing when they step into the Octagon on April 30 in Toronto.

"The Natural" wants to get his hands on "The Dragon," take him down and submit him. That's easier said than done but Machida might be throwing an even bigger wrinkle into those plans.

As he tells Fighters Only, the Karate master actually has plans on taking the old timer down himself:

"Sure, I intend to take him down. Because I believe in a transitional game, a game with kicks and punches to surprise him with a takedown. This is not going to be a wrestling fight, this is going to be an MMA fight."

Every fight starts standing, but who will be taking down who when the two elite light heavyweights meet in the center of the cage?

Anyone think Machida is blowing smoke here or is he dead serious that his intention is to take Couture down? After all, wrestlers are traditionally highly uncomfortable on their back. Sound like a winning strategy to you?

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