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Dan Severn challenges Royce Gracie to retirement match in Brazil

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MICHIGAN (April 16, 2011) - Since the hint of a UFC Event in Brazil hit the Online Rumor Mill, Dan Severn has been passionate about his intentions to take part in this event as being his finale match to his fans and the MMA Community.

Dan has said on numerous occasions that if he had the opportunity to have such a match in Brazil, he would want it to be with Royce Gracie.

In light of Royce publically announcing his intent to take part in a UFC Event in Brazil, Dan Severn is, officially, throwing out the challenge to Royce Gracie.

Wanting to take it to the cage, one last time, in an all-out ground war; Two legends of the Octagon can thrill and amaze the UFC audience of yesterday and today, one last time.

Also, in a rare behind-the-scenes-look, Dan Severn is opening up his comeback trail training to his fans by allowing a production crew to chronicle the challenges, emotion and even the levity of a battle-tested Hall of Fame Champ, dusting off his boots, for one last run.

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