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UFC Rio: Royce Gracie vs Art Jimmerson rematch possible for August 27?

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When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was conceived, it was initially a showcase for the dominant martial art at the time, Gracie jiu-jitsu.

The man charged with driving that point home was named Royce, who would go on to win three tournaments (UFC 1, 2 and 4) with 11 submission victories along the way.

The fight that got it all started, literally the first bout in the jiu-jitsu wizard's career, was against a boxer named Art Jimmerson. Gracie disposed of him rather quickly, taking him down before mounting him and forcing a tap via overwhelming frustration.

Old "One Glove" had no answer for the grappling skills of his counterpart and decided not to compete in the sport of mixed martial arts again.

Today, however, at the age of 47, Jimmerson wants back in. He wants one more shot at Gracie and he wants it in Brazil.

"I want to stay as close as we can to the Original Rules! I AM IN GREAT SHAPE," Jimmerson told "I will DEFINITELY BE MORE AGGRESSIVE! I WILL THROW MORE PUNCHES AND FIGHT MY FIGHT! Royce will not dictate this one! I will not allow him to take me to the GROUND! Yes, I WILL WEAR THE OTHER GLOVE!"

Jimmerson campaigning for another shot at Gracie in the Octagon comes on the heels of Royce claiming he's very close to getting a deal signed to return for a retirement fight in his native land.

What better way to go out than a rematch of the fight that started it all?

Further fueling rumors of this bout possibly coming to fruition is the fact that, on top of Jimmerson training at the UFC gym, he's also been added to its roster of fighters on

Coincidence? Maybe ... maybe not.

If this is, indeed, the fight booking Dana White and company decide on, would you be pleased with it? Or is there someone else better suited to send Gracie into retirement?

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