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Rashad Evans: I remember Jon Jones begging me to let him up in training

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September or October can't get here soon enough.

That's when Jon Jones will defend his light heavyweight title against his former friend and training partner, Rashad Evans. Of course, with five, or maybe six, months left until fight night, that leaves plenty of time for for everyone's dirty laundry to be aired. 

"Bones" fired the first shot, telling ESPN that in practice, he was the one in a position to finish "Suga" and the only reason he didn't is because the young man had respect for his elders.

Upon hearing this, fans sought out an answer from "Suga," one that's rather easy to attain in this social media day and age. So Evans took to Twitter and let the world know the series of events as he remembers them.

And apparently Jones is high if he thinks things went down the way he claims:

"@jonnybones u ain't forgot what I can do 2 u! Dont believe your hype! As your coaches! I'm gonna introduce the world 2 the real u! ... @jonnybones must b high! Cuz remember him looking at me begging me 2 let him up cuz he couldn't get back 2 his feet in training.. ... @mattmitrione I'm just annoyed how he said he couldve finished me in practice.. R u kidding me?! Lol This dude is nuts!! ... @Jonnybones it's been on!! Get off your own fan bus cuz nobody is driving!! U ain't as raw as u believe & I'm gonna show ya!! ... @RoufuSportSolJa he is fake! The fighting is off the hook but as a person he is fake! ... @jonnybones is a Swagger Jacker! ... @jonnybones will b mma's version of Milli Vinilli.. Wait until the curtain comes down cuz it will!!"

This beef all started before Jones ever defeated Mauricio Rua for the light heavyweight title. When asked if he would be willing to fight Evans, the young phenom proclaimed that he would, if that's what Dana White really wanted.

This went against the Greg Jackson code of training partners not fighting each other and greatly upset Rashad, who didn't want to look like a "punk," so he accepted the fight as well.

Once Jones tore through "Shogun" at UFC 128 on March 19, the match-up was set.

Now all the tales of the training days at Team Jackson are being told, with both sides claiming they got the better of the other rolling on the mats down in New Mexico.

Who do you believe? Think Jones could have finished him if he wanted? Or was he begging Evans to let him up like Rashad claims?

Sound off!

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