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UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones didn't finish Rashad Evans in practice 'out of respect'

Photo via Getty Images.
Photo via Getty Images.

"We fought each other in practice. A finish has been possible several times and it has always been me finishing him. I never did it out of respect that he was the elder of the school. It's against protocol in a way. Some people would do it but I believe in tradition. He has a lot to study. I have a lot to study, but I get to study[ing] more in-depth. He gets to study[ing] and gets a headache."

-- In some circles, it's said that fighters should not ever talk about what goes on behind the closed doors of a gym while a team is practicing. Either Greg Jackson's squad doesn't adhere to that or Jon Jones just completely ignored the edict and called out his opponent later this year, Rashad Evans. "Bones" told that he constantly got the better of "Suga" while they rolled on the mats down in New Mexico but didn't finish him off out of respect for his standing in the gym. But now that Evans has picked up and skipped town, all bets are off. According to the UFC light heavyweight champion, his superior study habits and overall preparedness will carry him to victory whenever the fight finally goes down -- this time for real. We know Jones is a superhero by day, but is he a beast in the training room by night? Do you believe he's had his way with Evans the way he makes it sound? Have at it, Maniacs.

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